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Eco Spa Hard Cover and Lifter System

The Eco-Hard-Cover and lifter system has a true lifetime warranty. It is easy to open and close and will withstand 350 pounds. This durable spa cover will hold up in any climate and will not deteriorate like a traditional spa cover. The exclusive power clamp system ensures an efficient seal between the Eco-Hard-Cover and the spa itself making our cover 25% more efficient than any hot tub cover on the market. The Eco-Hard-Cover will not only save you money on your utility bill but will also save you the time, energy and cost of replacing your cover every 5 years. 


Eco Spa Multicolor Exterior Lighting

Enhance the waters appearance and create a soothing ambiance for a more enjoyable spa experience. With 9 different color options you can select the color that fits your mood. You may choose from a single LED light, or the Aurora Lighting System which includes lights inside as well as the outside of the spa.

Ecozone Natural Spa Sanitation

The ozone generator greatly reduces the amount of chemical sanitizer you need in the water. Ozone delivers activated oxygen gas into the spa water via a small ozone injector. Although sometimes promoted as a stand-alone chemical free alternative, it is recommended that you maintain a small residual of Chlorine or Bromine in the water while using any ozone system.


Eco Spa Jet Lights

  • In the Ultimate Lighting package, all jets are backlit through clear sections with technology that neither affects water flow, nor creates a leak potential. The Eco Spa jet lights look amazing during the day and even better at night... Check out some of our videos on our You Tube Channel.

Storage Step

The Eco Spa storage step is made of the same material used to make the shell of the spa, offering a perfect color match. These steps are durable, stable, and come with a storage compartment for spa chemicals, test kits, and other maintenance items as well as a pull-out insert which can be used as an ice chest.

Wifi App.png

EcoSpa WIFI Control System

By adding the optional Wi-Fi module to your Wi-Fi-ready EcoSpa, you can control your temperature, lights, and jets as well as customize your settings…….from anywhere.

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